Home of Natural South African Red Tea

Howzit! In South Africa, our wonder herb rooibos (ROY-BOSS meaning ‘red bush’) makes a healthy and lekker tasting red tea. Grown only in the majestic Cederberg mountains of our Rainbow Nation, Rooibos Rocks natural red tea is the perfect alternative to coffee, black and green tea.

But don’t take our word for it bru, give it a try! So invite your chinas round for a skinner and enjoy as many cups as you like! Our tea is our passion. It’s as unique as our Rainbow Nation.

We’re passionate about our tea because it’s:

  • >> Naturally Caffeine free with NO calories. Yebo!!!
  • >> 100% organic with no additives or preservatives
  • >> Naturally sweet and full bodied with no bitter after taste
  • >> Jam packed with antioxidants